The Photography Group have created a Self-Image gallary, exploring themes of identity, confidence, respect and social status within healthy decision-making.  The concept of image and identity is one that can capture the imaginations of young people and inspire their creativity.  Self-image issues can be addressed through the use of photography where images will explicitly or implicitly, stir up important questions and strong feelings.

Young people are constantly exploring their own identity and image - trying to work out how they feel about themselves and what message they might wish to convey to others. Relationships with peers, parents/carers, teachers and others are constantly reviewed and changed in the teenage years.  Young people develop their self-image through seeing how others relate to them and through visual clues.

A photograph is a representation of a place, object or person and is influenced by what the photographer wants us to see.  When taking photographs, the photographer is generally trying to tell a story and when taking a portrait, the most powerful ones generally disclose something about the character or nature of the person.  When looking at self-image and identity, photography is the perfect medium for young people to creatively and abstractly explore the way they feel about themselves in a non-physical or verbal way.

Within this project, we aimed to build self-confidence and explore identity and self-image through the use of photography, with regards to a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.   We aimed to provide young people with the tools to think creatively as well as the technical skills to capture and edit images.  We produced and series of photographs that represent positive self-image for display purposes as well as project promotion.

Stereotypes Photo-Shoots

As part of the self-image theme, the group had their 1st photo-shoot involved taking photographs of each person in the group as they see themselves and as others see them.  Then moving on to the 2nd photo shoot where everyone is planning to be made over into his or her stereotypical opposite.  This stage of the project is aimed at giving individuals the opportunity to see themselves in a different light, stepping out of their comfort zone, as well as challenging their perceptions of other styles and fashions, creating a more open-minded group of individuals.

Click on any of the following names to see these (re)presentation photos: - Gary, Gemma, Melissa G, Melissa J, Rebecca, Sian and Samantha