Writing to reach you

WTRYThe ‘Writing to Reach You’ (WTRY) Resource Pack is a toolkit focusing on interactive activities in the area of substance misuse. The resource is aimed at professionals working with young people and adults in a wide variety of settings, in particular those working within education, youth work, social work and the voluntary sector.

The pack has been developed by The Corner: Health, Information & Peer-led Services for Young People in partnership with local services and education following the publication of the WTRY educational drugs resource book in 2010.  The book is aimed at raising awareness, promoting discussion and addressing the issues surrounding recreational and problematic drug and alcohol use. 

The pack is a collection of workshops, designed to compliment and enhance the stories included in the book.  Each activity has been  developed to be honest, practical, functional and useful. To make the pack broadly relevant, colleagues and project partners were asked to design and create their own lesson-plans or workshops, with their particular client group in mind. The workshops are conversational and informal; presented in a simple and useful way which allows facilitator’s to lift the materials out of the pack and to use within group work or individual sessions.

This resource pack is a guide - there are many ways in which it can be used and facilators’ are encouraged to adapt the material within the pack, to suit group or individual needs.  It is intended that the information and knowledge shared within these workshops will support and enrich your practice.  By raising awareness and understanding of a wide-range of substance misuse related issues and how they affect individuals, families and communities, this resource pack can have a valuable contribution to prevention approaches.

To request a pack please click here.  To view the book online please click here.  Please note this is collection only from The Corner offices in Dundee.