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  4pm - 5.45pm

At Ninewells Sexual Health Clinic



What is it?

‘Linc’ is a contraception and sexual health clinic in Ninewells for young people aged 18 and younger. It is open between 4pm and 5.45pm on Thursdays.  Click here for a map.

It offers young people a full range of contraception and sexual health services; contraceptive pill, injection, patch, implant, emergency contraception pregnancy testing, STI screening and treatment.

What makes it different?

Taking into account the vulnerability and age of the client group, there are youth workers on hand to offer assistance. The youth workers attend to welcome young people and help them feel more comfortable in the clinic, help with filling in forms and to talk to them about the clinic process.

Through discussion, there may be issues which need further support and the youth worker is there to help with these. This may be via a direct one to one, or arranging another agency’s involvement. 

Where are the youth workers from?

The workers who staff the clinic come from a variety of professional backgrounds and different agencies, so they can therefore support with a wide range of topics.

The clinics always end with all members of the multidisciplinary team, coming together to debrief on the session and address any issues which may have arisen from discussions with young people. Any follow up action is noted and followed up by the appropriate person.

Linc continues to develop based on feedback from young people. It is part of the role of the youth worker to ensure the young people are aware of this and address any issues.

Is the service confidential?

Linc follows the child protection policy of Ninewells Tayside Sexual and Reproductive Health, regardless of the youth worker the young person talks to. This means that a young person’s confidentiality will be preserved, unless the young person has been harmed or it has been previously agreed with the young person that information can be passed on.

How can I support a young person to access ‘LINC’?

If you would like to find out more or you would like to make a referral to Linc, you can call The Corner Health, Information and Peer led Services on 01382 206060 and ask for  Fiona McGrath or Deborah Syme. They will be able to arrange things for you.