Young Carers

"We are a group of young people age 13-16 from the Young Carers Project who are involved with a project called STATE from The Corner.  Over the past 6 weeks we have planned, designed & built an installation, which represents us and the way that we feel.  The Young Carers Project support carers of all ages.  They do one-to-one support, weekly group support and also from time to time, cross-generation support".   

"We have created the installation because we thought it would show exactly how young carers feel.  The public need to know about us, it’s time!  We would like you to take part in helping us build this piece of art because we want the public to remember how important life, friendship and looking after each other is.  We have 4 questions that we want you to answer based on 4 different themes; friendship, memories, strength and support".

Pick a colour and we will give you the corresponding question.  Write your answer and watch the installation come to life!

Pink = Friendship
Green = Memories
Blue = Strength
Yellow = Support