STATE is a community art & outreach project, working with young people across 3 geographical areas of Dundee, with the aim to create a series of ‘Urban Installations’ focussing on mental health and community identity.  The installations will be made by young people, for the wider community; in order to make art accessible for all.

Aims & Objectives

Research suggests that young people are aware of services and opportunities available to them, but due to a multitude of barriers, they require support to access and engage in these.  The project aims to act as a stepping stone; building on and developing individual’s confidence, self-esteem and resilience in order to increase participation.

Accessibility and Complacency – often people don’t appreciate what they have on their own doorstep and can discount opportunities in their own area.  The project will work with geographic communities to explore community identity and encourage active participation to help build positive relationships between young people, their community and the local environment.

To raise awareness of mental health issues with young people and the wider community.  The project will explore how a person’s environment and relationships can impact on their mental health.  And it will also measure how positive cultural & artistic activities, impact on individuals’ mental health and wellbeing.

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