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The Corner - part of our story

As part of The Corner's 21st Birthday celebrations an exhibition of artwork is being displayed at Slessor Gardens.
Over 243,000 young people have accessed Corner services over the past 21 years.  To celebrate this milestone these billboards have been created to highlight the groundbreaking ethos and culture that has been created over the last 21 years.
Young people worked with our Media Worker to capture images from around the city centre; these were incorporated into graphic representations of feelings expressed about themselves, the building, staff and services.  The artwork highlights some of the issues Corner service users experience: mental health, sexual health, friendships and relationships, careers and housing. 
The exhibition is on the hoardings at the west side of Slessor Gardens from October until January 2018.  Please come down to visit and share your thoughts or pictures with #cornerstories.

The Corner is part of so many young people's stories - and they make ours.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 2pm to 6pm

Saturday 1pm to 4pm

 For young people aged 11 to 19 years



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