Exam Stress

Top Tips for Dealing with Exam Stress

Exam time has arrived, the sun is always shining and you are stuck in doors hitting the books - right? Or are you feeling just too overwhelmed and under pressure to focus? Anyone can suffer from exam stress, but if you feel that it is getting all too much some of the tips below may help to relieve the pressure.

General exam stress-busting tips:

Believe in yourself.
You are capable of passing the exam. You wouldn't have been given a place in the class or on the course if you didn't have the ability to do it.

Don’t just worry – take action!
If you don't understand some of your course material, getting stressed out won't help. Instead, take action by seeing your course tutor or asking your class mates to help you understand the problem.

Talk to a friend
Confiding in someone you trust and who will listen and be supportive is a great way of reducing stress and worry.

Don’t put yourself under too much pressure
Aim to do your best but recognise that if you think that "anything less than A+ means I've failed" then you are creating unnecessary stress for yourself.