Tips for the revision period

Time is of the essence!
Boost your confidence and reduce any pre-exam stress by avoiding last minute cramming. Leaving plenty of time to revise means you know you have prepared well.

Play is as important as work.
Make sure that you build in time to have fun and relax in between study sessions. Develop a timetable so that you can track and monitor your progress.

Take a break.
As soon as you notice you are losing concentration, take a short break – go for a walk, talk to a friend or just listen to some music. Then you will feel refreshed and able to concentrate on your revision again.

Another cuppa? 
Don't drink too much coffee, tea and fizzy drinks; the caffeine will make you feel 'keyed-up' and make your thinking less clear.

Eat some ‘superfoods’.
Eat healthily and regularly; your brain will benefit from the nutrients. Replace sweets and sugar with ‘superfoods’ such as berries, bananas, oily fish, nuts and broccoli. 'Superfoods' can help boost your concentration, energy and mood.

A change is as good as a rest.
Experiment with several alternative revision techniques so that revision is more fun and your motivation to study is high. Click here for revision techniques.

Give your body a workout  (as well as your mind).
Regular moderate exercise such as a brisk walk, swim or session in the gym will boost your energy, clear your mind and help reduce any feelings of stress.