Preparing for Exams


  • Try to work to a revision timetable - start planning well before exams begin - your teacher should be able to help you with this.
  • Make your books, notes and essays more user-friendly with summary notes, headings, sub-headings, highlighting and revision cards. Try using key words or spider charts. Get tips on other revision techniques from teachers and friends - do what works for you.
  • Everyone revises differently - find out what routine suits you best - alone or with a friend; morning or late at night; short, sharp bursts or longer revision sessions.
  • Take notes of important points when revising as an aid for future revision or if you need to clarify something with a teacher. Try explaining the answers to tricky questions to someone else, or look at past exam papers and try answering some of the questions.
  • Ask for help if there are things you don't understand. If you're feeling stressed out, talk to someone.


  • Don't leave revision to the last minute.

  • Don't avoid revising subjects you don't like or find difficult.

  • Don't forget that there is a life beyond revision and exams.

  • Don't cram ALL night before an exam.


Pamper yourself

  • Remember it's important to eat and sleep well.
  • Put yourself first, it is an important time for you - try to talk to your family about how they can make studying a little easier for you, eg. by agreeing times when you can have your own space, when they will try to be a little quieter around the house and when you'd rather not be disturbed (except perhaps for the occasional treat such as a drink or snack).

Don't revise all the time. Take breaks to do things you enjoy and that help you relax.


Prepare for the big day


  • Have a good breakfast if you can.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to the exam room.
  • Make sure you know where the exam is being held.
  • Take everything you will need - extra pens, water, tissues - anything else?
  • Go to the loo before the exam starts!

If you feel really anxious, breathe slowly and deeply while waiting for the exam to start.