Gender Identity

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We determine the gender of other people almost immediately by thier gender-associated cues such as clothing, body shape, voice, face shape, mannerisms and behaviour.  For the vast majority these gender-associated cues match up with the gender they identity as, however for a small minority these dont match up as expected. 

Your Physical Body includes all aspects of your gender-related biological structure: not only your genitals but also your internal reproductive system and your sexual characteristics such as breasts, facial and body hair, voice, and body shape.

Your Gender Identity is your internal sense of where you exist in relation to being a man or a woman.

Your Gender Expression is your external gender-related clothing and behaviour (including your interests and mannerisms).

Small but significant numbers of people have found that their physical bodies, gender identities and gender expressions do not all match.   

For further support around any gender identity issues you can contact the LGBT worker at The Corner on 01382 206060 or get in touch through LGBT.  You can also come down to our Drop-in and speak with a worker about anything thats going on for you. 

You may also consider contacting:

Scottish Transgender Alliance - The STA is the only funded national project in Scotland dedicated to gender equality and gender reassignment human rights. 

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) National Youth Council (NYC) is a network of young people from accross scotland, supported by LGBT Youth Scotland.  LGBT NYC Members. Champions and Elders, aged 13 -25, represent LGBT young people from thier local youth group or local area.  The LGBT National Youth Council focuses on getting LGBT young peoples voices in Scotland heard at all levels. Click here to view youtube video.

The LGBT NYC's Time for T.E.A campaign aims to raise awareness of transgender identities in Scottish Education.  They want gender identity and expression to be included in educational teaching and are calling for young people to support thier transgender friends.  You can show your support for the campaign by submitting a photo pledge and shouting out "its time for T.E.A" here.