Drop-in Services

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 2pm to 6pm

Saturday 1pm to 4pm

 For young people aged 11 to 19 years.   

If you are between 20 and 25 years you can talk to a worker on 01382 206060 who can discuss your needs and signpost you to the most appropriate service, alternativley please click here for information on how to access other services.  For information on accessing GPs please click here.  
We will advertise our planned closure dates in advance, you check these out here.

The Corner Drop-in provides health services, information and support for young people aged 11 - 19 in the Dundee area.  Every young person is different in how comfortable they are when they come through the doors, so it is really important that you understand the different services that are available and what happens when you come in.

First of all, once you have plucked up the courage to come through the doors, you will be welcomed by staff who will ask you to tick which services you are in for.   This is to protect you and keep your information confidential. For more information on our confidentiality policy click here.

 Use the interactive ticksheet below to have a look at the services available.

You can access the Drop-in for many different things so no-one will know what you are in for, unless you tell them or discuss it with your friends.  So, while you are waiting, it would be great if you consider what other people are feeling as they may be in for something that is very sensitive.

While you are waiting feel free to ask to use the computers to look up some information, do your C.V. or check your email. You can also take part in a consultation, check out the latest health campaign, pick up a leaflet or even ask the staff for some help for something.

Don’t live in Dundee? Come in and find out what services are in your area.

Survey Monkey

Every time you’ve been seen by a worker you will be asked to fill in an online questionnaire within the Drop-in. This gives you the opportunity to give us your thoughts and opinions on the services you have or have not received. This provides vital information on the services you access and what you think of it. This information is used to improve and develop services so you get what is important to you. It is really useful if you are as honest as you can be, as your feedback is so very important.


If you have a complaint about the service you have or have not received, you can feed that back to staff via the Backchat system. You just need to ask staff to show you where the forms are or click here.