Come in all different shapes and sizes, some are small, large, nipples can be dark or pale in colour.  During puberty breasts and nipples can tingle or itch but once you’ve developed this will stop.  Many girls have one breast bigger than the other but this is normal. 


Are all very different in shape and size.  Everyone is different. Your genitals are made up of the clitoris, outer lips, inner lips, urethra and the vagina.

Menstrual cycle/periods

This is from the first day of your period until the day before your next period starts. 

Most girls’ menstrual cycle is 28 days, however this can vary from as short as 21 days to as long as 40 days.  All are very normal, it can take your body ten years to get into a regular cycle, your periods are controlled by hormones.  Around this time you may have stomach cramps, sore breasts and spots.  Period blood can be thick, reddish brown and have small bumps in it.  You should change your towel or tampon every few hours. 

Being a teenage girl can be a strange time in your life with so many changes happening to your body.  Changes in your hormones can affect your mood, making you happy, sad, emotional, tearful and leave you feeling confused!

True or false – If you use a tampon you are no longer a virgin? 
False, using a tampon has nothing to do with loosing your virginity.


It is normal to have some discharge from your vagina as this helps keep your vagina healthy.  If your discharge itches/smells you should see a doctor as this may be an infection.


Not many women feel comfortable talking about this but most do it.  This can be rubbing around on their clitoris and maybe moving fingers in and out of the vagina. This isn’t bad for you and is all about exploring your own body and finding out what you like. 

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