All about the Penis

The penis has two main parts – the head and the shaft. 

Penis picture

Every willy is different – some are big, small, thin, thick, bent, straight!


This normally happens when you get sexually excited.  The penis will no longer hang and be soft.  It will become stiff, grow longer and wider and it sticks outwards and upwards!  Erections can also happen without warning, sometimes causing you embarrassment.

FACT: The average penis size is between 3-4 inches when soft and between 6-7 inches when hard.

The penis has two jobs – peeing and sex


This is a sleeve of skin that surrounds the head of the penis.  It is important to wash under the foreskin because if you don’t, a yellow white creamy substance called smegma builds up. 

Testicles (Balls)

Men normally have two testicles.  Your testicles produce a tiny, tadpole shaped sperm that fertilise a woman's egg to make a baby. 


This is where your balls hang – in a soft bag called the scrotum.  This hangs outside the body because sperm needs to be kept cooler as sperm can be damaged by heat.


Most boys and men rub themselves to get an erection and to have an orgasm (come).  It’s harmless and does not cause blindness or make you go mad. 


Most young men have an orgasm for the first time around the start of puberty.  Sexual excitement causes muscles at the base of the penis to contract hard and semen to spurt out.

FACT: A drop of semen contains thousands of sperm and it only takes one sperm to fertilise an egg!

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