Sexual Orientation

Drop-in WindowEven though there are many more out lesbian, gay and bisexual people in today’s society, most of us still grow up in a world where being straight or heterosexual is seen as the norm.

Whether it’s a family member asking us if we have a girlfriend or boyfriend, or a friend expecting us to like someone off the TV, people often make assumptions that just because you are male or female you will be attracted to certain people and you will look, behave and feel a certain way.

In reality, though, the way we look, act and feel varies hugely, including to whom we are attracted. Very rarely are we told that being attracted to people of the same gender or to both genders is also perfectly normal.

Whether you are certain that you are lesbian, gay or bisexual, or are still unsure about your sexual orientation, LGBT Youth Scotland can help you to understand your own feelings and how to share them with others when you feel ready. 

Taken from LGBT Youth Scotland’s Coming Out Guide for Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual People.  To read or download the full guide click here.

For more information on sexual orientation visit LGBT website by clicking here.  Corner staff can support any young people with regards to their sexual orientation or can refer you to speak with the LGBT Youth Worker.

Click here to see the LGBT Allsorts groups "It gets better" video which was created with funding from LGBT Culture Events Fund 2013.