You can come and speak to a worker about smoking and stopping smoking.  Workers can also help you to find out about other places in Dundee that can help you stop smoking. For information click here.



The health risks

People who smoke regularly are more likely to develop certain illnesses when they get older.  These include lung cancer, heart disease and emphysema.  It can also reduce fertility.

Although nicotine is the thing that makes cigarettes addictive, it's the other chemicals that damage your health.

There are also other physical effects of smoking that happen no matter how old you are, including:

  • damaged taste buds
  • ageing of the skin
  • stained teeth
  • smelly clothes

Although not killers, they're not exactly pleasant.

Why start smoking?

You may be pressured into starting by some of your friends, you may want to copy older relatives who smoke, or you may just be curious about what it's like.  Whatever sort of pressure you're put under, it's a lot easier to say no than taking up the habit and trying to give up after years of regular smoking.

It also costs a lot of money.  If you get through ten cigarettes a day, it costs over £1,200 every year.  Think of all the stuff you could buy with that money!