Starting contraception

Starting contraception

It’s important to make the right choice of contraception for YOU, so you may be asked to have more than one consultation/chat

What happens?

You will be taken to a room on your own, for confidentiality, where the nurses will ask questions about your medical history and that of your family.  You will have your weight and blood pressure checked as this may influence the choice of contraception available to you.  The nurses will then take notes which are kept securely in a locked filing cabinet.  No-one will get access to them without your permission.

Choices of contraception available at the Corner:

  • Combined Oral Hormonal contraceptive pill (‘The Pill’)
  • Progestogen Only contraceptive pill
  • Contraceptive patch
  • Injectable contraceptive (‘The Jag’)
  • Implant (‘The Rod’)

Talk to a member of staff on the phone or in Drop-in if you are unsure of the choices available to you.
Repeat contraception is available only for the contraception initially issued to you at The Corner.   

If you are over 18 and require contraception for the first time The Corner staff would encourage you to attend your GP. 

For information on all choices of contraception available click here