Youth Information

Young people come into The Corner for support and information on many different issues. Is there something you have heard of but not sure of what it means and afraid or embarrassed to ask? Do you need to find the courage to challenge something/someone in your life? Is someone making decisions on your behalf but you don’t agree?  

Is there something making you worry? This can be absolutely anything from sitting exams, arguing with your family, having nowhere safe to call home, being forced into something that you are not sure of or feeling like no-one really understands you.


Corner staff are experienced in working with young people and are trained to deal with many issues and situations to support young people, and make sure that no young person leaves without some form of support or information. You may be surprised at the issues we cover, and you are more than welcome to come in, have a look around, meet staff and decide whether or not you feel comfortable to talk. It is really important to be as honest as you can as that helps staff to get you the services that you need.

You should have a look at some of the websites links that are on this site or come down to The Corner Drop-in and have a chat with a worker.

Remember that there is no such thing as a silly question.  It is best to ask and find out rather than wonder and worry.

The Corner can support you around these issues as best as possible, but as everyone’s situation is different some people may need to go to a service that has workers who specialise in that area, but don’t worry, The Corner will refer and support you to access these.