What is suicide?

It is extremely important to be aware that most people who are thinking about suicide do not want to die, they simply want to stop the pain and suffering that they are experiencing. Suicide does not discriminate and affects everyone regardless of age, gender or culture. It is essential that if you are having thoughts of suicide that you are able to talk to someone about these feelings and not to hide it. You can talk to someone you trust, visit a support service such as the Corner, or you can call a support line.

There may be times when you have thoughts of suicide but don’t know the reasons why as you may think that you have no reason to want to kill yourself. What these thoughts can do is to trigger feelings such as guilt and shame and this may stop you from telling others what you are going through.

Suicidal feelings can be terrifying!

If you can no longer see why you should go on living, but are unable to talk to anyone about these feelings the distress you experience may begin to get unbearable. This may lead to you hating yourself have feelings of rage, shame and guilt.

If you are worried about someone then talk to them as this could save their life. If you can support someone who is feeling suicidal, the first and most important step is to stay with that person, listen and try to understand what is going on for him or her, and to be aware of where the person can get support.

For further information on support around having feelings of suicide, or if you know of someone at risk of suicide, please visit links below.